Television – South Park – Religious Extremism – Muslim Incitement Over Episode Depicting Prophet Mohammed – 22 April 2010

It’s inspiring to see that the good folks at aren’t playing into that stereotypical “we’ll kill you if you disagree with us” thing. They’re just very, very concerned about Trey Parker and Matt Stone. That’s why they’re warning them not to be “stupid” by exercising their right of free speech, otherwise Muslim extremists might kill them, possibly by going to the house owned by Parker and Stone described at length on the website. Their concern is touching, really. Especially their concern that the two might be murdered as was Theo van Gogh, who was “stupid” for being killed for defending the rights of women. The graphic picture of van Gogh after he was murdered was also especially helpful, as this is what will happen to Parker and Stone if they don’t stop being “stupid”, and if your best pals at don’t post pics like this, ya might not stop being so darn “stupid”, right? I mean really, they’re just so helpful!

Certainly, no one could ever think that any of this amounts to incitement. Especially the part about “here’s where Parker and Stone live”. No one would ever use that information to go kill them. Oh, no no no no no no, that would most certainly be an anti-Muslim thing to suggest.

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