Middle East – Israel – Palestinian Aid Flotilla – Propaganda Value of Provoking the Israeli Defence Force – 31 May 2010


Ten people were killed by the Israeli Navy while on this “aid flotilla”. Enemies of Israel are representing this as an unprovoked attack. I’m posting this news item to show that the Israel Navy gave full advance warning that this flotilla was not to proceed, that it directed the group to the correct legal channels to transfer the portion of their aid that was legitimate, and that it specified that cement was an item that was not to be transferred unless it was tied to a specific building project (and cement was an item the group was transferring).

The article says this activist group was “edging closer to an expected naval showdown”, so let’s have none of this feigned surprise the Israeli authorities acted as they did. They gave every warning possible and the international media reported that they did.

When someone invents a way to help the Palestinian people that doesn’t involve being the propaganda poodle for Hamas, could they let me know? This group did everything it could to provoke the Israelis rather than help the Palestinians they claim to care so much about.

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