US – Foreign Policy – Afghanistan – Strategy – Obama – Comments of Gen. Petraeus – 30 June 2010
“When you ask ‘How much should we give?’, they’ll only answer more, more, more.” – John Fogerty
Apparently the President’s deadline of July 2011 is more of a guideline than a rule as far as General Petraeus is concerned. The question they should be asking the good general is Fogerty’s. And he should be on record with his thus far implicit answer of “More, more, more.” General, the reason people are trying to set dates is because the military’s strategies in Afghanistan thus far have not proven successful (coming up on _ten years_ of searching for bin Laden, folks), and people don’t want to write you a blank check in soldiers’ lives any more. If July 2011 is too early for you, when _can_ you do the job by?

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