Cultural Humour – Lewis Black Satire of National Enquirer is Great, But Lacks Full Vision – 26 February 2012—whitney-houston-s-death

Lewis Black is right on target, of course. I’d add a couple points about this, though.

Especially the one about how the National Enquirer ran a headline that said “LAST PICTURE OF WHITNEY HOUSTON” over a picture of Houston in her casket.¬†Kind of gross to show something like that to stoke the fires of a morbid, celebrity-addled culture…but at the same time, I had to wonder, isn’t that terribly self-limiting of the National Enquirer to say it’s the _last_ picture of Whitney Houston? I mean, couldn’t they have a picture of Whitney Houston’s reanimated tissue directing an invasion of Bucktooth, South Dakota for an intergalactic space fleet discovered by Merle Overall, a farmer with a harrowing account of his abduction exclusive for the Enquirer? I tremble to think at how little foresight this shows.

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