US – Politics – Is Being a "Progressive" Republican the Same as Being a "Former" Republican? – 7 March 2012

Continuing on the theme of “moderate Republicans”…though I am increasingly worried there is no such article, back in 2008, there were at least the people on this list. It would be interesting to see how many of the people on this list the Big O can keep in 2012. Perhaps some will defect because Obama has not yet managed to become a powerful wizard capable of transmuting all reality with a single stroke of the presidential pen, but given the alternative at the moment, I imagine he will keep a fair number of them on his side.

Notable on the list are Connecticut’s Lowell Weicker (another person I would gladly put on the “real” moderate list, and contrast very unfavourably with “moderate Democrat” Joseph Lieberman in that regard) and Iowa’s Jim Leach (for years considered the unofficial representative of moderate Republicans…a warm supporter of George H. W. Bush, but someone who ultimately broke with the party over the wild and irresponsible reign of that individual’s son years later)…

But what’s striking about this list is that the word “former” appears everywhere in it. Back in FDR’s days, there were Republican moderates who felt absolutely confident in supporting a Democratic president fairly openly. No one, for example, doubted that Fiorello LaGuardia, or George Norris, or Robert LaFollette, Jr. were fairly warm supporters of FDR. But for a Republican to be supportive of Obama? Well, you have to leave the party first…meanwhile the Dems allowed Lieberman to retain seniority despite his open support of John McCain, and did nothing to punish Lieberman, Landrieu or Nelson for doing their best to obstruct Obama’s health care legislation.

Anyway, just something to think about…

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