US – Race Politics – Trayvon Martin Case – Gold Teeth Now A Crime? – 27 March 2012

Okay, so now we have some fun stuff going on with alleged pictures of Trayvon Martin on the internet. In one case, we have a fully discredited picture of some kid dressing in baggy pants and giving the finger to the camera. The name of this kid is in fact Trayvon Martin, but who is apparently a different person with that name, from Savannah, Georgia rather than Florida. This picture was aired in the right-wing blogosphere as authentically of Martin, but now at least some half-way decent right-wingers have retracted the picture and admitted this is not the same Trayvon Martin who was killed in Florida.

There is another picture, however, going around of someone reputed to be Trayvon Martin. This picture is taken from a Twitter account and possibly might be Martin…if it is, the picture is pretty clearly of a Martin older than the picture we’ve all seen of him in the red shirt that says “Hollister”, but also pretty clearly younger than the picture on Martin’s acknowledged Facebook page. I wonder, if this is Martin’s Twitter account, why he looks so different in this picture than he looks in the Facebook picture, or in pictures that have been published in the Miami Herald and other news sources. It could be him. I’m loath to believe it after the other hoax, but in this case I don’t honestly know. What I do know is that neither the stupid Twitter handle (“No Limit N—-“) nor the tough guy puffery displayed in the tweets shown on that account means Martin attacked anyone. There are numerous teenagers, of all racial backgrounds, who indulge in the phony tough guy mentality associated with “gangsta rap” music, and who don’t attack people.

This picture that is being circulated from off the Twitter account, though, only shows one thing that is supposed to strike fear in all our hearts…that this kid wore a grill of gold teeth. This picture is now circulating around the internet as proof that Martin must have been the aggressive type. That’s why I’m posting this picture, though. I thought maybe people needed to be reminded about how teenagers are, and how much “puffed up tough guy” fashions are, in the end just puffery. I also thought people needed to see this through a different racial lens.

Here’s a picture of someone wearing a _removable_ “grill” of gold teeth. This is a fashion accessory which, indeed, does come from “gangsta rap” culture…but it is now apparently considered fairly mainstream. Check out the removable gold teeth on the girl below, who wore them to her prom. Should we arrest her now, or wait for her to take a stroll in a gated neighborhood?

Johnny Depp also kept his gold teeth from Pirates of the Caribbean. Should I frisk him?

Madonna tried wearing a gold tooth as well. Should I alert neighbourhood watch each time “Vogue” comes on the radio?

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