US – Race Politics – Trayvon Martin Case – Geraldo Rivera Hoodie Comments – 29 March 2012

Well, he sort of apologised. He didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but he still is of the same offensive opinion. But let’s be fair to Mr. Rivera here – I’m willing to give him props for having included, in his original remark on thisĀ subject, that he thought the hoodie was provoking to “that nutty neighbourhood watch guy”. As the evidence continues to come in that the “neighbourhood watch guy” did in fact pursue and kill someone in a “nutty” way, we should at least be giving props to Rivera for having said that. As for the other comment he made, about how his advice to minority teens not to wear hoodies was “practical” and “potentially life-saving”…well, that’s true enough…but so would be changing Florida’s gun laws and so would be educating the public about what rational grounds for self-defence are. I still don’t hear him trying to get that message through.

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