Human Rights – The Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court – 121 Countries Have Ratified – 10 April 2012

Here’s a bit of geography before I post my next commentary. This is a map of all the countries in the world which accept the authority of the International Criminal Court (shown in green). There are 121 countries which currently accept the court’s jurisdiction having ratified the treaty. (The countries shown in yellow, an additional 32 countries, had signed the treaty but did not take the additional step of ratifying it, so they are not part of the area covered by the jurisdiction of the court.)

Look at all the countries that are part of the treaty. 121 countries. Pretty much all of Europe. Pretty much all of South America and Central America. The majority of countries in Africa.


I’m drawing your attention specifically to Canada for a reason. In a moment, I’m going to post a link to a Globe and Mail article written by a Canadian who seems to think that, because it’s convenient for an argument he wants to make, most countries in the world are _not_ part of the treaty establishing the ICC.

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