US – Politics – Crackpot Ex-Senator Leaves The Race for the Republican Nomination – Is Ironically On The Receiving End of Civil Treatment From Others – Why I Won’t Be Joining Them – 11 April 2012

A certain American presidential candidate, whose name I will not say because I still think he deserves no publicity, is now out of the race for the Republican nomination. Though in the main part this is the case because he didn’t have enough votes to win the nomination, in part it is also possibly because his daughter is sick.

Like anyone, I would declare a certain sympathy regarding the health problems his daughter is having…though, and forgive the partisan point here, I imagine if she was the daughter of someone else, she might be having trouble getting insurance coverage for the rare illness she has.

Like Rachel Maddow, I also think it is quite surprising that this person, who was decisively beaten in his re-election campaign for the US Senate, could manage to have gotten this far in a bid for the nomination of his party for the office of the President of the United States.

However, I will take no opportunity to say something nice or supportive about this person, who is an extremely hateful individual. Not because his daughter is sick, as sad as that is, and not because he has done better in some elections than anyone thought possible a few months ago, though that is true.

I could take some kind of weird high road here, but that would be denying how toxic the views of the person in question actually are, and implying that his religion of exclusion deserves some kind of respect.

Yes, we should “be the change we hope to see in the world”, and I’m sure that’s why so many seem to want to demonstrate their civility regarding a person who would most certainly not return the favour to them. But I would ask this – doesn’t civility involve caring about the health care of all children, not just those of a certain crackpot Republican ex-senator? And doesn’t civility involve celebrating the drive and determination of people who fight for social justice, not just that of a certain crackpot Republican ex-senator?

Be that kind of change. I won’t be joining you in _this_ kind of change. He’s out of the race, and all I have to say is “Good riddance.”

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