US – Race Politics – The Media Should Be Reporting on George Zimmerman’s "Injuries" – 13 April 2012

Can someone explain to me why no one in the press corps has managed to get a clear shot of the back of George Zimmerman’s head yet?

The mug shots show the front and side, but not the back, of Zimmerman’s head. The video of him being indicted appears to show a line on the back of his head, but it seems so straight one suspects that it’s just that he had his head shaved there to make it look like there had once been some trauma to the back of his head, commensurate with the claims of the digital forensics guy.

There’s still no nose trauma being documented anywhere, despite repeated claims from Zimmerman’s attorneys that he had a broken nose. Not even the digital forensics guy made that claim. The mug shots and court appearance video make it pretty clear that either Zimmerman’s nose healed remarkably well in a month and a half (hell, it healed remarkably well later on the night of the killing, according to the police surveillance tapes), or his nose was never broken.

But the alleged head trauma that was significant enough to “require stitches”? Well, what’s going on with that? How would we not be able to see evidence of that?

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