Political Humour – Let’s End the Socialist Oxygen Handout – 18 April 2012


‎”In these times of economic uncertainty, ordinary Americans everywhere are feeling the effects of liberal policies which have undermined the free-market foundations of this great nation and fostered a growing sense of entitlement. The traditional American values of hard work, personal responsibility, and individual ownership have fallen by the wayside. 

Now, a new threat to American families has emerged. I am speaking of the outdated liberal policy of oxygen welfare handouts. Even as we dig in and tighten our belts in response to the economic crisis, our children are being taught that breathing the air is a ‘human right’ which they are entitled to without work or effort. My friends, I think it’s time we did something about this.”

Yes, call this ridiculous if you will, but replace “oxygen” with “land” or “natural resources” and this is what a lot of people think – and just as pointlessly.

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