The Blog – Why the Social Democratic Rose has been Added to the Layout for this Site – Messages Are Being Sent Here – 7 May 2012

[The following post refers to the rose logo I have added to my blog site in the right-hand column.]

Sending two messages with this one.

One, social democracy is heading the right direction now. Clinton/Blair triangulation and aping of Reagan/Thatcher policies is on the outs, pro-austerity groveling on the Rodríguez Zapatero, Sócrates and Papandreou model is being punished, but now we have leaders like Barack Obama in the US, Ed Miliband in the UK and François Hollande in France (as well as constructive small party leaders like Fotis Kouvelis in Greece) setting the bar high for sensible and constructive leadership.

Two, this is a rose, not a fist-and-rose. I’ve had it with the fist. Violence may be necessary in self-defence, but we need to make it clear it’s not something we value in itself. There are those who would make the fist the _alternative_ to the rose, and we need to acknowledge that. We need to stand in the way of those who think the answer to our problems is not voting and picking fights with the police. That road leads nowhere. There is a better way.

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