Wisconsin – Protest Politics – Recall Election 2012 – Barrett in a Virtual Tie With Walker, Lefty Blogocrats Already Pronouncing Him Dead at the Hands of the DNC – 16 May 2012


Reputable polls have Tom Barrett in a dead heat with Gov. Walker in Wisconsin. Barrett has just been nominated (a little over a week ago) and is really just starting his campaign, and he is running neck-and-neck with Walker. He has an excellent chance of defeating Walker and defeating the agenda of union-busting reactionary politicians nation-wide.

But the lefty blogosphere is now showing its true colours. It wants Walker to lose. The typical conspiracy-theories of the Greenwald-style blogosphere can’t be sustained if Walker doesn’t win. For them, it is actually crucial that he loses.

This article from The Progressive shows what we can expect to be reading for the next few years if Walker does lose. Basically, the argument here is “Some bogus polls show Barrett way behind, and he is doing better than that…in fact he’s close enough that it will really matter that the federal Democratic Party is not prioritising this campaign, while Scott Walker is awash in out-of-state money and has the full backing of the federal Republicans.”

Remember, however, that one of Walker’s campaign points is that he is being targeted by out-of-state money. Do you think it’s possible that the DNC is not getting involved because it doesn’t want to appear to give credence to that claim, and to let people in Wisconsin decide for themselves? Remember also that opposition to Walker’s policies is supported overwhelmingly by the state Democratic Party…remember the state Senators fleeing to Illinois so they wouldn’t be forced to provide a quorum for Walker’s bill? I know lefty blogocrats like to make things appear like “evil Republicans are on the march while Democrats stand aside”, but the Wisconsin protests were groundbreaking _precisely because the Wisconsin Democrats firmly supported the protests_.

Walker can be beaten, and he can be beaten without big money being funneled in from the national Democrats. Barrett does not have access to that big money right now, and he is already in a virtual tie with the Governor.

In any case, the whole point is that this is about people and not about money. If money wins this election, we’ll still be hearing people going on about money after the elections over. This is about Wisconsin’s people rejecting the aggressive, divisive policies of their governor.

We shouldn’t be rationalising a loss here. We should be preparing for a resounding victory.

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