US – Politics – George W. Bush Writes Book About Economic Growth – (*can’t stop laughing long enough to finish posting a title*) – 17 May 2012

No Joke: George W. Bush Writing a Book on Economic Growth”

No joke? Anyone who thinks this is no joke has a stunted comic sensibility. This book will make Abbott and Costello seem like Funk and Wagnalls.

Indeed, the only bigger jokes imaginable would be the people incredulous enough to buy the book. This is the stuff of which smack talk is made, when you think about it: “You’re so dumb you’d actually buy a book written by George W. Bush about economic growth…” The usual playground put-downs would pale by comparison.

Maybe we should do what we can to add to the mirthfulness. Every time people are found reading this “book”, we should hum Keystone Kops music as an amusing background to complement all the wacky stuff they’re going to be reading. “And then I destroyed the budget surplus while corporate profits ballooned and ordinary people’s wages stagnated.” (*deedle deedle deedly deedle dee deedle dee…*)

Oh, and I can hardly wait for the sequel book about his foreign policy victories – maybe tentatively entitle it “Mission Accomplished: Eight Years Of No One Bothering To Check If We’re Achieving Anything”… (*deedle deedle deedly dee deedle dee…*)

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