Quebec – Protest Politics – Now Anti-Semitism Makes an Appearance in the Quebec Tuition Protest Movement – Again, Please, Students, Find Your Voice – 21 May 2012

Argh! If it isn’t bad enough that violent protesters are trying to hijack the Quebec tuition protests, now we have a protest site called “Arrêtez-moi quelqu’un” (“Arrest me, somebody”) on which people are posting pictures of themselves with a little sign indicating that they plan on violating the new “emergency law” passed by the Charest Liberals (“Law 78”)…and numerous among them don’t stop with telling us that, but tack on a logo of a Star of David with a swastika inside it.

I signed another petition today in opposition to Law 78. I am against that law, and would like the government to repeal it at the first opportunity. But I will not put my picture on this site, because I am not a Nazi and resent the swastika appearing on these pictures, and because tuition hikes have nothing to do with Jews, Israel or whatever else the Star of David is supposed to mean in this context. It is revolting that anti-Semitism is being allowed to insinuate itself into this movement, and yes, it is very obvious that it is anti-Semitism.

Again, again, again, I beg of the protesters, with whose cause I agree – find your voice and stop the bullies who are using your movement.

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