US – Protest Politics – The New York Times Had It Right Back in 2011, But Here We Are a Year Later, and the Folly Continues – 27 May 2012

This is an old article, back from when Occupy was just starting up in New York City. It is still lamentably current, however.

Occupy started up with an open-ended commitment to an overwhelmed participatory democracy model (which has allowed extremists to dominate its agenda, because forces of moderation within Occupy timidly allow the extremists to dominate rather than risk threatening disunity within the protest forces).

Occupy has rained down contempt on electoral democracy (to the point now where not only are they openly showing those pro-Obama protesters who have stuck with them thus far that they are no longer welcome in the group, but also where they will not even propose an alternative candidate to stop the Republicans from taking over and bringing them even more of the policies they hate).

Most prophetic are the comments about the old 1960s Weather Underground, who, as I pointed out a few commentaries back, have now actually made an appearance where they were treated as “elder statesmen” with expert commentary about the Chicago NATO protests, by an allegedly “progressive” internet video news network. Not only is Occupy wide open for some new version of the Weather Underground to emerge, but the _old_ Weather Underground is welcomed with open arms.

I know a lot of you who may be reading me here have a tendency to offer a glib, Reaganesque “Well, there Zak goes again” when I start in on Occupy once more, but as the stuff people were saying back in 2011 is now starting to happen just as it was claimed it would happen, do you feel a need to acknowledge that?

If you are one of these “moderate” supporters of Occupy, do you feel there is a need to speak up, or will you do what that this author claimed you would do, and squelch your misgivings in the name of movement unity? Now that you see that the protest has specifically sought to target Obama, will you speak up against the divisiveness of that tactic? Now that you have seen people within this movement openly treat Bill Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn as role models, will you acknowledge that Occupy is off the rails?

What will it take to get you to face reality?

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