Wisconsin – There Are No Excuses for Not Voting Against Scott Walker – 4 June 2012


“Republicans across the country have rallied around the governor, helping him raise a jaw-dropping $31m in campaign cash, giving him a huge edge over Barrett.”

$31 million, and the best Walker can do in the final poll is a three point lead? You know, it’s getting to be so millions of dollars don’t buy what they used to anymore.

Live in Wisconsin and want to prove that millions of dollars don’t buy anything at all, because Wisconsin is a democracy and not a boutique for rich Republicans? Vote.

You have a candidate running against Walker who has pledged to call a special session of the Wisconsin legislature to overturn Act 10. That is not a pledge made by someone who is not onside with labour. Even if you think that Tom Barrett has only recently begun to sing this tune due to public pressures, it’s your public pressures that has achieved this, and your public pressures will never achieve this with the extremist who currently occupies your statehouse.

No excuses. You know what this vote is about and why it’s critical it must be won. Tom Barrett needs your vote. Mahlon Mitchell needs your vote. Four Senate Democrats need your vote.

Even if you can’t support, for some reason, Barrett or Mitchell, there is _especially_ no excuse for giving Walker a free pass in those Senate elections. It requires JUST ONE Senate seat to change hands to ensure that Walker must deal with the Democrats instead of steamrollering over all opposition in the state.

Walkerism must be turned back. The worst forces in America are counting on a Walker victory. He _must_ be turned back.

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