Wisconsin – Greece, Not Spain, Is The Model – 5 June 2012


If you live in Wisconsin, please, please turn out to vote against Walker. I know, I’m like a broken record here, but you’re hurting more than just your own state if you don’t.

This article points out that, among other things, the turnout is expected to be _lower_ today in the recall election than it was in 2008. I know, it’s a state election, state elections are typically defined by a smaller turnout…but this is the Walker Recall. It has national prominence, and national significance. I cannot understand the turnout not being at _least_ at the level of 2008.

Also, the article points out that more young people are expected to turn out for Obama this year than turn out to defeat Walker. All that makes me think is that when tonight is over, we’ll have another Spain on our hands…young people protest, and protest, and protest, but when the time comes to vote and stop some of the things they claim to be against, no one shows. If people _do_ turn out and make their opposition to Walkerism known, we might have another Greece, where an election sends a powerful message that the elite’s regressive policies will no longer be tolerated. But young people have to _vote_ to send that message, not just scream in public while waving a sign.

I hope enough young people in Wisconsin understand that. I fear greatly that they do not.
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