US – Politics – Bill Maher is Somewhat Inconsistent About Big Money in Political Campaigning – Apparently, The President Saying Something Can Be Just As Effective – 10 June 2012,_and_the_bully_kicked_their_ass%22/

Here’s another example of why I distrust overreliance on the “big money” argument. Bill Maher has been making a spectacle of himself about Citizens United for some time now. He very showily made a gigantic donation to Barack Obama (a million dollars) and when Scott Walker won in Wisconsin, he tweeted “this is what I mean when I say Citizens United made this a whole new ballgame. Same thing willhappen to Obama if also outspent”. But here he is saying that when Barack Obama “switched on gay marriage, came out for gay marriage, the polls reflected”.

What? They did? Just because he _said_ something to voters? That’s _possible_?!?!

YES, dammit, that IS possible. If you care about making a case to voters, they might actually respond to the case you’ve made. But you have to _do_ it. You can’t just blame someone with big moneybags for the world not being the way you want it. You have to communicate with voters. They’re the ones who will change things.

Bill Maher should vet what he says on his show – he doesn’t want to contradict his own message about money buying elections.

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