Florida – Gov. Rick Scott’s Phony “Voter Fraud Reforms” Would Be a Threat to American Democracy – Fortunately, America Also Has a Department of Justice – 11 June 2012


Hey, maybe it IS possible for an unconstitutional abridgement of the right to vote to be reversed by the federal government. Those of you who are concerned about Rick Scott’s phony “voter fraud reforms” because they would deny people who are US citizens from voting can count this as a win, or at least on the way to a win. I certainly am.

Those of you who just generally want to paint the United States as someplace that denies people the right to vote or be heard, you can count this as a big loss for your propaganda agenda, or at least on the way to a big loss.

The surest way to teach the more irresponsible critics of American democracy a lesson is for the Department of Justice to do its best to actually promote a little justice. Fortunately, that is what they seem to be doing.

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