US – Protest Politics – Occupy Likes John Lewis’s Congressional Walkout Today? – Great…So Why Did Occupy Atlanta Actively Refuse To Hear Him Speak Last Year? – 28 June 2012 

I dare anyone to sit through this extended bird-flipping to one of America’s greatest heroes.

It turns my stomach. The idea that Occupy Atlanta protesters could value their anti-politician fetish more than an opportunity to learn from one of the greatest protesters there ever was…it’s repulsive. But they did, and there is little indication they have changed their minds.

Today, Rep. John Lewis led a walk-out from the House of Representatives to protest the conservative-led and politically opportunistic declaration of Attorney General Eric Holder to be in contempt of Congress. Occupy-friendly news sources exulted – look, someone is standing up to those Republican bullies!

Yeah. This is the kind of thing John Lewis does. He has a long history of standing up to bullies. He started at a lunch counter in Nashville.

Maybe more of the people in the crowd that day at the Occupy Atlanta protest should have stood up for him.

The subtitle on this YouTube page reads that John Lewis is a “civil rights leader who worked with Martin Luther King Jr”. That’s a good description, but really it could just as easily have read that Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights leader who worked with John Lewis. Maybe Occupy flipped off Lewis because he’s a member of Congress, but after seeing this, it’s hard for me to imagine the group not flipping off MLK as well and justifying it with some similar crap about no one there needing any input from leaders who think they’re so individually important.

It _was_ great that people stood up to Republican bullies by walking out of Congress today. But Occupy had nothing to do with it. Occupy supporters who said nothing when this happened to Lewis forfeit their right to do a little jig because of a Congressional protest Lewis organised…at least not until they apologise and say “Thank you, Rep. Lewis. And while we’re on the subject, thanks for everything else you’ve done.”

People opposed to bothering to hear Lewis speak that day claimed they valued the group more than one individual. But that one individual played a very important role in a protest in the heart of the Congress today. I’m sorry, but I value that one individual more than I value the people in a group that thinks it’s too good to hear him speak.

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