US – Politics – “Fast and Furious” is a Scandal Only to the Slow and Incredulous – 28 June 2012 

Speaking of Eric Holder…

Well, if you were speaking of US Attorney General Eric Holder, after today’s ludicrous declaration in the majority Republican House of Representatives that he is in contempt of Congress, check out this article to see if any of it was what you were talking about.

At the moment, this is being presented in numerous sources as a potential Obama Administration scandal. Read this article and see if you agree after you’re finished reading.

I know, you’re thinking “oh, liberal-lefty Zak wants me to read a bunch of propaganda reflecting his own slanted views”. (Well, if you’re not thinking that, thanks.) But let’s note where this article comes from, shall we?

It’s from Fortune magazine. Take that in for a moment. This is not an article from The Nation, Mother Jones, The Progressive, The New Republic, or any one of a bunch of similarly ideologically inclined sources. Fortune magazine. Founded by Henry Luce. Yes, the prominently Republican Henry Luce. That Henry Luce.

Furthermore, Fortune is owned by Time-Warner. You know, a conglomerate founded by Henry Luce and Jack Warner – both Republicans. Not a huge history of furthering lefty propaganda at Time-Warner. Everyone see where I’m coming from on this?

Okay then. Now ask yourself this question. If _Fortune magazine_ is willing to say THIS about the “scandal” being alleged by the Republicans, why would you give the “contempt of Congress” charge being thrown at Holder even the slightest consideration?

I have only one further request to make. Once you read the article, can you take in the part where the ATF officers interviewed state that they wanted to make arrests in the case (arrests which might have ultimately prevented the death of Border Patrol officer Brian Terry), but Arizona prosecutors wouldn’t agree to prosecute the people identified by the officers because they DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO CONVICT GIVEN THE STATE OF ARIZONA’S PERMISSIVE GUN LAWS.

I quote the relevant part of the article here (for those who would like me to cut to the chase):

“In a meeting on Jan. 5, 2010, Emory Hurley, the assistant U.S. Attorney in Phoenix overseeing the Fast and Furious case, told the agents they lacked probable cause for arrests, according to ATF records. Hurley’s judgment reflected accepted policy at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona. “[P]urchasing multiple long guns in Arizona is lawful,” Patrick Cunningham, the U.S. Attorney’s then–criminal chief in Arizona would later write. “Transferring them to another is lawful and even sale or barter of the guns to another is lawful unless the United States can prove by clear and convincing evidence that the firearm is intended to be used to commit a crime.” (Arizona federal prosecutors referred requests for comment to the Justice Department, which declined to make officials available. Hurley noted in an e-mail, “I am not able to comment on what I understand to be an ongoing investigation/prosecution. I am precluded by federal regulation, DOJ policy, the rules of professional conduct, and court order from talking with you about this matter.” Cunningham’s attorney also declined to comment.)

It was nearly impossible in Arizona to bring a case against a straw purchaser. The federal prosecutors there did not consider the purchase of a huge volume of guns, or their handoff to a third party, sufficient evidence to seize them. A buyer who certified that the guns were for himself, then handed them off minutes later, hadn’t necessarily lied and was free to change his mind. Even if a suspect bought 10 guns that were recovered days later at a Mexican crime scene, this didn’t mean the initial purchase had been illegal. To these prosecutors, the pattern proved little. Instead, agents needed to link specific evidence of intent to commit a crime to each gun they wanted to seize.”

You’re going to hear a lot in the next few days from conservative talking heads. Compare it to what’s here in this article, it provides you the proper context to understand what’s going on. Then make your judgment on the matter, and I’m sure it will be the correct one.

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