US – Politics – Hey, Americans…You Live In A Democracy? Prove It! Stop Using Citizens United as an Excuse, Get Out and Vote This November – 4 July 2012

The Citizens United case…it says a lot of things. But it does not say that people without money are not allowed to vote.

It says the First Amendment prohibits the government from restricting political donations by corporations. It reiterates the point of view that corporations are legal “persons” deserving of the same rights as actual people.

But nowhere in it does it say “people without money now cannot vote”. It also does not say that “people with money now get to vote more than people without money”. None of that is true.

I feel like I need to point this out to people because their anti-Citizens United rhetoric is now so overblown that it probably will have the effect of encouraging people ON THE POLITICAL LEFT to stay home and not vote, because “what point could there possibly be in voting when the Koch brothers can buy elections?”

I’m not just criticising my usual Occupy-Left targets here, mind you. Even President Obama has started in with this nonsense. He’s now complaining that he can’t win if he’s outspent 10-to-1. The only way you can’t win, Mr. President, is if you lose the votes of Americans. The lengths to which Romney is going to attempt to “buy the election” is its own Obama campaign ad, if you ask me. Your campaign is supposed to be about hope, not the same old cynicism. One well-placed, cheap ad, also sent out virally on the Internet, _about_ Romney’s gazillion plutocrat-purchased ads should do it. If you really are the candidate I’ve defended you for being, you’ll understand that.

I know, it’s July 4th, and time to boost Americanism. Unfortunately, Americans are so at sea in their toxic cynicism that they may not be smart enough to liberate themselves from it. The one thing Americans generally value about themselves is that they live in a democracy. Here’s my message for the 4th of July – prove it!

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