US – Politics – Self-Serving Arbitrary Power? – The Supreme Court Rules Against, But Rand Paul Just Can’t Accept It – 5 July 2012

Every July 4th, there are people going around reminding Americans that “freedom isn’t free”. Indeed, real freedom does sometimes involve real sacrifice.

But then, there are other people going around reminding Americans that freedom doesn’t actually involve anything that might really be considered freedom. Indeed, in St. Rand Paul’s Gospel to the Libertarians, freedom seems to only involve the freedom of being sacrificed to the interests of others…preferably Rand Paul’s supporters.

Health care reform? Medicare? Social Security? Ending racial segregation? According to Rand Paul, all of those things are illegal – no matter what the courts say.

The basic rule of thumb seems to be “if it benefits me, it’s freedom; if it benefits you, there must be some way it’s making me a slave…and if you disagree, then you probably would have clapped old Dred Scott in irons.”

The apoplexy Senator Paul is experiencing right now really has to be the best illustration of how important the Supreme Court’s recent decision was. Paul experienced it for what it was – a sign that the Constitution has _not_ become captive to self-serving arbitrary elites looking for phony philosophical fig-leaves to drape over their real interests.

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