US – Politics – Nearly 2 Million Signatures Presented to the US Senate Opposing Citizens United – At What Point Do We Concede Changing The World is Possible? – 25 July 2012

Nearly 2 million signatures were presented to the US Senate on a petition to overturn the Citizens United decision yesterday. Six states are already on side to pass a constitutional amendment to do so: California, Maryland, Hawaii, Vermont, Rhode Island and New Mexico.

It is possible to overturn this decision democratically, and the only reason people can’t do this is if they doubt that they have the votes to do it. It’s time for people to pull their heads out of the ground and realise what is possible in a democratic system.

It is also time to realise that, far from confronting a system where both parties are wedded to plutocracy, we are confronting a system where one political party (the Democratic Party) is doing quite a lot to support anti-Citizens United activism. The US Senate is taking time to consider this petition because Senate Democrats went out of their way to make it happen – they see themselves as those who lose out because of post-Citizens United spending patterns and are only too happy to stand with the millions of Americans who want to reverse this decision. What we are really confronting is a system where one political party (the Republican Party) is wedded to plutocracy, and another (the Democratic Party), with varying amounts of success, is doing what it can to help the people rule.

For some, Citizens United is proof the US has no democracy. I think this constitutional amendment drive can be proof of just the opposite, that democracy is more powerful than plutocracy.

But decide for yourself. You can fiddle while the country burns, or you can do something about it. This is your chance, America. What are you going to do?

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