US – Racial Politics – Apparently It’s Not Enough That Barack Obama is Technically an Anglo-Saxon Prince – 26 July 2012

I continue to be taken with the charming suggestion by one of Mitt Romney’s “advisors” that Romney can better handle relations with the Brits because he shares an “Anglo-Saxon heritage” with them.

I was just wondering, though, if you’re directly related to Alfred the Great, an Anglo-Saxon king, does that sufficiently demonstrate “Anglo-Saxon heritage”? You know…because Alfred the Great is the 37th-great-grandfather of Barack Obama. So, presumably, if heritage is what the Brits are hung up about, this should handle that problem fine.

(I was originally going to post that Obama’s 30th-great-grandparent is William the Conqueror, which is also a semi-important point to me because it means that the Big O and I are cousins, as William the Conqueror is also a direct ancestor of mine. But then I thought, come on, that hardly demonstrates the “purity” of his bloodline from an Anglo-Saxon point of view, because William the Conqueror was immigrant Norman trash, right? So I thought I should kick it up a notch and go right back to the days of Alfred. Granted, if we want to be really, really “pure” about this, we should even go back to the Brythonic Celts of Queen Boudica’s day, as really even the Anglo-Saxons were a bunch of illegals from Germany…and don’t even get me started about those south-of-the-border Romans…)

Wait a moment…what’s that you’re saying? You’re saying that Romney’s “advisor” was not genuinely concerned about whether Obama has “Anglo-Saxon heritage”, and that this was “code” for something else? Oh no no no no no no no no no no no…surely you must be mistaken. I’m sure, because the Romney campaign was being totally genuine about its concern that an American president should share a family history with our allies the Brits, that we will be hearing a retraction any day now, given this information. Yeah, that retraction will be coming any day now. You know, because it totally wasn’t a maladroit racial slur or anything.

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