US – UK – Mitt Romney Completes Triumphant Tour of Britain – Whose Triumph, We’re Not Quite Sure – 26 July 2012

Oh, you know what – you’re right, he _does_ have a special relationship with his fellow Anglo-Saxons across the sea. After seeing the Mittster in action, they now hate him in a way that really can only be described as special.

How much of a clod did Romney have to be during his visit to get even David Cameron and Boris Johnson, both Tories, to publicly criticise his ham-handed comments about preparations for the 2012 Olympics, on camera? (In the case of Boris Johnson, he did this in a speech in front of thousands of Londoners and Olympic visitors from around the world.)

How completely clueless about what’s important to actual people in this “Anglo-Saxon” country, with whom his advisor claims he has a special relationship, does he have to be to get them saying things like “he’s worse than Sarah Palin” and that he is “devoid of charm, warmth, humour or sincerity”. And this was just the stuff the right-wing Daily Mail was printing about him.

For a while, the Daily Mail even had a headline on their website reading “Who invited him?” Check it out:

Not only has Romney shown that he, and not Obama, is the American politician who can alienate the most Britons – but he has demonstrated that he is so capable of this that he even alienates those Britons on his side of the political spectrum.

I say, chap, couldn’t happen to a more deserving fellow, what?

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