US – UK – Israel – Poland – Romney’s Tour Changes The Conventional Wisdom – Three Out Of Three Is Bad – 30 July 2012

#Romneyshambles is what Twitter is calling the aftermath of the Mitt Romney Annoy The World Tour currently in progress. And darned if Mitt the Twitted doesn’t just keep on giving. New outrages are being constantly manufactured.

While in the UK, Romney aides made racist appeals to Romney’s fellow “Anglo-Saxons” across the Atlantic, and then Romney proceeded to stick his finger in the eye of any flesh-and-blood Anglo-Saxon he actually saw, including, incredibly, the UK’s Tory prime minister and London’s Tory mayor, both of whom smacked him down verbally in wonderfully televised moments You Tube may repeat forever and ever.

Then Romney went on to Israel, and offended Palestinians by suggesting that Israelis are culturally better at business than they are. Offended they should be, although, when you think about it, the Israelis should have been even more offended – basically Romney was saying “Hey, these Jews are really good with money”, and we all know the history of that kind of thinking. But even beyond that observation, has Romney clued in that roughly 20% of Israel’s citizens are Arab Palestinians? I guess they aren’t really part of Israel’s culture, then? Never mind just outraging the Palestinians, he’s also managed to say something that sets Israelis against other Israelis.

Now he’s in Poland, where he made a point of going to visit Lech Wałęsa – while Solidarity, the union Wałęsa led to victory against the then-existing communist regime, released a statement that it had not asked Romney to come and generally disapproved of Romney’s policies regarding organised labour.

Three out of three. Three ally countries visited, three ally countries offended. I’m sorry, but yikes. Is this really someone America is considering to be its leader?

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