Toronto – Mayor Rob Ford Makes the Case for Public Transit and Bicycling…Just By Being Himself – 15 August 2012

Toronto mayor Rob Ford was elected, at least in part, because of his hostility to investing in public transit and bikeways. Ironically, he has now become the poster boy _for_ public transit and bikeways.

In three separate incidents now, His Dishonour has been caught doing dangerous things behind the wheel of his gigantic automobile.

The first incident was talking on a cell phone behind the wheel in July 2011. This is illegal in Ontario, and it has been so since October 26, 2009… see
for confirmation of that.

A private citizen reported Ford did this, and also that the mayor made a rude gesture at her for telling him to put the cell phone away while driving. Yes, I know, how terribly rude expecting the Mayor of Toronto to follow the law.

But, law shmaw says Rob Ford…and not for the first time, as anyone who has seen his Florida mug shot will know. (See for confirmation of that.)

So in June of this year, the second incident occurred. Ford was alleged to have driven his behemoth car alongside the open door of a Toronto streetcar. Again, this is illegal. It contravenes the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, and violations are punished by a $109 fine. (See–mayor-rob-ford-didn-t-stop-for-open-streetcar-door-ttc-union-says for confirmation of this.)

Ford claims not to have done this, and apparently is willing to risk that a streetcar full of potential witnesses either didn’t see what happened or aren’t willing to fight City Hall. Witnesses shmitnesses, I guess. The streetcar driver saw it, though, and apparently stopped the streetcar to point out to Ford that he had done something both illegal and unsafe. After an exchange of words, in an amazing display of chutzpah, Ford called the Toronto Transit Commission to complain about the _driver_ being rude.

And now we have the latest incident, where Ford has been filmed reading while driving on the Gardiner Expressway. Now, granted, this is somewhat encouraging as it suggests that Mr. Ford is capable of reading…but still, this was so obvious a transgression against safe driving that the Toronto police was moved to ask Ford to “please get a driver”.

The mayor’s response? That he “probably” was reading behind the wheel on the Gardiner Expressway. (See
for confirmation of the mayor’s admission.)

The way I see it, Mr. Mayor, that means you are “probably” an idiot who shouldn’t be allowed behind the wheel of a car.

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