US – Election 2012 – Hank Williams Jr. Being Invited to the Iowa State Fair is an Embarrassment to The State I Grew Up In – Maybe It’s Time For Iowa To Grow Up – 18 August 2012

1) Hank Williams, Jr. is a moron.
2) This is just one of many times that he has proved that to the world.
3) Anyone who gives me any crap for my leftist political views should bear in mind that I grew up in the state where 8,500 people hooted and hollered their approval for this garbage.

If he had simply said “We hate Muslims!”, it’s obvious the Iowa State Fair would never, ever invite him back. But pretending Obama is a Muslim and then saying “we hate him” is somehow okay, I guess? When will Iowans show some guts and take a stand against this kind of stuff? Ever?

If you’re from Iowa and are reading this, and are somewhat offended I’m dragging Iowa’s name into this…prove me wrong that Iowans do care about this. I would love to think I’m wrong here. I would prefer to think that Iowans care enough to make it clear to Mr. Williams that he has crossed the line and will not be invited back to the state fair.

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