US – Election 2012 – RNC Chair Defends Romney’s Racist Joke – Chris Matthews Calls Him On It, But Because We Don’t Care About Facts Any More, The Republicans Don’t Care – 27 August 2012

I cannot tell you how frustrated I am that the Republicans can get away with an exchange like this. A journalist calls the RNC chair out on the Romney campaign’s racist politics and gets brushed off with “he was just making a joke”. Repeated requests to explain why this is a joke that someone running for president should be telling are brushed off. Repeated requests to explain why the Republicans want to “foreignize” President Obama are brushed off. And because we have people on the Democratic side who play this same stupid game, acting like verifying facts doesn’t matter…no one will make the Republicans STOP THIS. They don’t care, they will do it again and again and again and again.

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