US – Election 2012 – Against All Logic And Reason, It Is Obama’s Speech That Underwhelms – 7 September 2012

You’ll have to pardon me, but when the inspiring and substantive speech is given by Bill Clinton and the vacillating and triangulating speech is given by Barack Obama, I find that very little ground under my feet is secure.

I don’t want the real views of Obama to come out of “pit Bill”. I want them to come out of Obama. It would be frustrating beyond belief to spend four years justifying Obama to purist lefties who curse his timidity and have only last night’s speech to point them towards.

Granted, in the real world of substance and action, Obama still merits our choice. But would it be asking too much for Obama to show it, at least once? When people come out of your convention in a dazed trance, mumbling about how great it would be if Bill Clinton were president again, though that flies in the face of all history or reason, you’ve made a serious mistake.

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