Ottawa – Let The Engineers Analyse, But It Seems Pretty Clear That, Orléans, We Have A Problem – 9 September 2012

Food for thought about the sinkhole on Highway 174 in Orléans…I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know the first thing about how engineers go about testing for whether a place will develop into a sinkhole or not, but if people like Ms. Siegel reported sinking pavement in Orléans over a month ago, and now there are sinkholes developing there in the middle of highways, I’m guessing the city now knows it has a problem out there.

I’m sure whatever remediation projects may need to be undertaken will be job creators, and expenditures on such projects, when obviously related to the most basic considerations of public safety, tend to be popular with voters. I hope Ottawa’s mayor, Jim Watson, and Ottawa’s city council can read the political tea leaves appropriately and make the right choice.

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