Middle East – An Attack On Islam? Real Attacks Are Physical, Not Metaphorical – 29 September 2012


Ah yes, another brave individual stepping up to stop highly damaging metaphorical attacks and ignore physical ones that caused the deaths of actual people. Send the ambulances right away, to save their wounded pride instead of our wounded people!

The indication that we can all ignore this blather can be found in how this speaker can’t tell the difference between the deliberate baiting of the film produced in the US and the social criticism provided by the French newspaper “Charlie Hebdo”.

The point of the former was to stigmatise all Muslims and to provide a pretext for a religious war. It makes sense that Muslims would be put off by that. Any sensible person would be.

The point of the latter was to protest Muslims forcing their religious practices and beliefs on non-Muslims who have their own practices and beliefs. It may make sense that some bigoted imams and Islamist politicians would be put off by that, but not that sensible people would be. It is clear, in fact, that sensible people want a world where papers like “Charlie Hebdo” continue to exist and speak for a world of diverse others, not a world where newspapers can only sing the Supreme Leader’s tune.

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