Politics – Closing Your Mind, Contrary To Popular Assertions, Does Not Prove You Have Something Better To Do Than Use It – 30 September 2012

Basic rule, at least for those who plan on voting in an election: If someone presents a point of view you have not yet heard, your responsibility is to take it under serious consideration. It’s okay if you dismiss a view you have already heard and seriously considered, and I’ll let you judge for yourselves whether you’ve seriously done that, but people deserve your attention when they are saying something new.

Your garden is not more important. Dancing With The Stars is not more important. Commenting on yet another picture of a cat is not more important. Keeping intact the preconceived ideas you’ve worked up for yourself or inherited uncritically from someone else is _certainly_ not more important.

Even appeals to the pre-eminent role played in your life by friends and family doesn’t get you out of this responsibility, because the person addressing you might be presenting an idea that could really help your friends and family.

You don’t solve anyone’s problems by keeping your mind closed. It is nothing to be proud of.

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