US – Election 2012 – McMahon’s Second Straight Attempt To Buy Connecticut Votes Fails – Maybe Now We Can Clue In That Our Votes Matter More Than Her Money? – 6 November 2012

I must say…not much in the way of empirical support for the whole “candidates can buy themselves elections” crowd tonight. May I specifically point out that Linda McMahon, who spent almost $100 million of her own money to get elected Senator from Connecticut (roughly $50 million in her failed 2010 race and $50 million in this year’s race), was flushed by Connecticut voters a second time…and not just mildly. She was (to use wrestling terminology) smacked down.

Connecticut’s message: Your money can’t buy our votes. And that wasn’t the only place in America where that message was heard tonight, either.

The question is, who is going to hear that message. Yes, the Republicans heard it, but will defeatists (left, centre and right) who want you to believe that voters have no power accept the clear verdict, or will we continue to hear more of their useless “you can’t change the world so why even try” rationalisations?

$100 million. You’d think she could have bought all 100 Senate seats with that kind of money. But your vote matters more. Think about that, folks. Seriously think about it.

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