US – Obama Victory – Sorry About All The Laughter, But The Wall Street Journal Thinks Romney Lost Because Of All The Money He Took From Arch-Conservative Donors – I’ll Be Okay In A Moment, Really – 9 November 2012

Okay, here we now have the Wall Street Journal saying that the reason Romney lost the election is that he relied too much on right-wing donors with deep pockets to give him money for the election.

(*laughs, rolls around on the ground, sides beginning to hurt, tears starting to roll out of eyes, finding it difficult to even breathe due to the gales of laughter, gasping for air and still the laughs come, finally starting to be able to breathe, but then overtaken by giggles, trying to climb up to sit on the chair again, but can’t stand up because his hands are so shaky from all the laughing convulsing his body, but finally pulls it all together*)

Oh, really?

You know that scene in Dead Poets Society where Robin Williams says to Ethan Hawke “remember this” after an important learning moment?

The guy with Koch brothers money pouring out of his posterior orifice lost. Remember this. No more excuses.

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