US – Obama Victory – Oh My God, Yes, Right-Wingers Should Apologise To Nate Silver – How Can That Question Even Be Asked? – 12 November 2012

I’m just posting this so you can see the idiotic headline. Honestly, who would even ask a question like this? Do Republicans owe Nate Silver an apology? Of course they frickin’ do.

He predicted all fifty states correctly, he shared with us his exact reasoning for every prediction that he made in great detail, and he followed his methodology to the letter instead of jazzing up his data to promote one side or another. By contrast, Republican-oriented websites claiming his numbers (and the numbers of pollsters generally) to be skewed against their candidate were completely and totally (not to mention very humorously) wrong.

Republicans shouldn’t stop at just apologising to Silver. They should apologise to anyone who has ever studied statistics. Indeed, they should apologise to anyone who has ever studied math. Indeed, they should go to an elementary school and apologise to those only now learning that 2+2=4, because the minute they get out of class, those kids will have to deal with the right-wing 2+2=5 lobby.

The real problem in the US, if you stop to think about it, is that journalists feel the need to write irresponsibly middling headlines to stories like this. What’s next? “Flat Earth Society: Is It Credible?”

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