[RETRACTED POST] Middle East – Cyberattacks Against Syria? Did I Miss Those? – 19 November 2012

I retract something I just posted here about Anonymous’s cyberattacks on Israel. It turns out there has been some Anonymous hacking in Syria, which I was suggesting I doubted given Anonymous’s current over-the-top fixation on the Israelis.

Though there may be some fixation on the Israelis which is not equivalent, such that I would not hear as much about what they’re doing to the Syrian government as I am hearing about what they are doing to the Israelis…I was wrong, and I retract my post.

Here is what I had posted, and an example of why I was wrong.


A news story I haven’t seen, though…where was “To protest Syria’s massacre of hundreds of its own citizens, ‘Anonymous’ launches millions of cyberattacks”? I guess Assad wasn’t Jewish enough.


Because I got it wrong, here’s an article showing what I didn’t know, that the “hacktivist” group Anonymous has, in fact, also targeted the Syrian regime. The reason I didn’t know this, however, is that the international news media is reporting quite a lot about Anonymous’s cyberattacks on the Israeli government, and it’s hard to find information about its similar attacks on the Syrians?

My suggestion that Anonymous seems to relish more going after the Jewish state than it does non-Jewish ones was therefore wrong – but what does it say about the international news media that it goes out of its way to tell me about the attacks on Israel, but not the similar ones in Syria.

Check out the hits for “Anonymous cyberattacks Israel” on Google: https://www.google.ca/search?q=Anonymous+cyberattacks+Israel&rlz=1C1SKPC_enUS321US321&aq=f&oq=

Now compare this with “Anonymous cyberattacks Syria” on Google:

Most of the first hits on the Syria search are really about Israel. This is why I thought there was a disparity in the way Anonymous deals with the two.

But I am satisfied I was incorrect and that I owe everyone an apology for suggesting there was a latent anti-Semitism at work underneath this. I misjudged Anonymous. When one makes judgments, there is always some danger of that. That’s why taking the responsibility to set the record straight is so important.

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