US – Accentuate The Negative, And Don’t Mess With Mr. In-Between, About Benghazi, Say The Republicans – 2 December 2012

An excellent, and I think underdiscussed, point about Benghazi attack in which four Americans died was made on one of the Facebook groups I frequent, and I thought I should convey the substance of this point to the rest of you.

The reaction of Muslims to the release of the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” was a worldwide phenomenon, and marches to protest at US embassies were very common. The police and US embassy guards also defended embassies around the world at this time, not just in Libya.

So my question is: why is it that Republicans want “accountability” for the way Obama handled the protests in Libya, but are not willing to credit him for all of the successful defending of American personnel and embassy properties in all those other embassy locations? To paraphrase an old song, it seems they want to accentuate the negative and eliminate the positive. (Incidentally, for a breakdown of just how many places in the world US intelligence officials had to be seriously watching that day, this Google Map with data event points should make the case well that there were, in fact, a lot of them: …)

The idea, I suppose, is that Libya was part of some major offensive by Al-Qaeda and rises to the level of a “plot” about which the US intelligence community should have been aware, but all those other world protests were of no interest to Al-Qaeda and presumably would not have been similarly utilised for their benefit. But, you know, if people really believe that, this week is my Extra Special Half-Off For The Brooklyn Bridge Sale…tell those people to come on down for those low, low prices, because obviously these are people who can be sold anything.

When are Republicans going to back off this irresponsible ginning up of the facts about Benghazi for partisan advantage?

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