Palestine – Speech Of A Hamas Leader Another Amazing Development In The History Of World Peace – And Primates May Be Launched As Aeronautic Projectiles From My Posterior – 8 December 2012

“There is no legitimacy for occupation. Hence, there is no legitimacy for Israel, however long time lasts,” said Khaled Meshaal of Hamas in a speech at a rally earlier today in Gaza City.

However long time lasts, hm? Well, as long as he’s being open-minded about the possibilities for change, right? Wow.

All those people who say Hamas is trying to delegitimise the existence of the state of Israel _must_ be wrong…um, unless we take Meshaal’s speech to actually mean something. (In that case, it would be clear they’re right.)

But perhaps you think I’m putting some spin on my interpretation here? The Gaza Palestinians really are holding out for some possible future peace and reconciliation with Israel and acceptance of a two-state solution? Well, let’s read a bit further in this article from the BBC:

“The centrepiece of Saturday’s rally in Gaza City was a huge replica of a type of rocket Hamas militants fired at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in the conflict with Israel last month. It has Made in Gaza written on it.”

Yeah. That’s gonna happen. Totally.

(Sorry if I’ve left your screens dripping with sarcasm there.)

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