US – Connecticut Shooting – I Can Use The Short Form To Describe My Outrage, Because We’ve All Experienced This So Many Times Now, There’s No Point In Elaborating – 14 December 2012

Not even going to bother writing about the mass killing of children in Connecticut today…you all know what I think about this stuff, and I’d just be saying it again.

And for the next mass murder tragedy in the United States, I will just be saying it again, then, too.

I know gun advocates will be working overtime to re-explain to everyone why gun control wouldn’t have prevented this, but surely we all must know by now that it would have, and if people really want to pretend that it wouldn’t have, there is little I can do to stop them from living in their alternate universe.

I’ll just say it this way. Yes, another tragedy. Yes, horrible. No, no one is doing anything to stop the next such tragedy. Yes, those people should be ashamed of themselves.

After that, you know the rest of the story. You must, we’ve certainly seen it enough times.

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