US – Gun Violence – The Voters Will Likely Punish Obama For Taking “Meaningful Action” – Unless We Start Challenging NRA Mythology, That’s Not Likely To Change – 15 December 2012

If the polls are to be believed, Americans don’t want meaningful action to be taken. If the polls are to be believed, most Americans want the unsustainable gun culture not to be challenged. Horrifying, but true. If the polls are to be believed, most Americans are absolutely content to keep those assault rifles in general circulation.

I wish I believed the meaningful action the President is promising is forthcoming, but the polls indicate he’s not getting enough support from the voters to make it likely he’ll really want to take the political risk involved. Indeed, it’d be hard to blame him for not wanting to risk all the other good things his presidency is about to try to take that meaningful action.

But tears are not enough. That meaningful action must be taken. If you want the President to take that action, you must do your part to change public opinion. That means bringing it to all those people you are now hearing providing justifications for the gun culture.

Don’t dignify what they’re saying as a “side” in a “debate” – it’s a rationalisation for no meaningful action being taken. If it were a side in a debate, what statistics actually say about gun violence would matter to them. It doesn’t. They just want to live in a house of data-free truthiness they’ve constructed themselves.

If the President is _really_ considering meaningful action this time, after we’ve seen so many tragedies come and go while nothing gets done, then we have to provide him some political protection. We have to show him the American electorate is no longer willing to put up with the NRA mythology any longer.

That means relentlessly challenging that mythology.

Don’t put up with it for another second. Time is of the essence if we want to stop the next string of mass killings.

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