US – Wrapping Yourself In A Picture Of Those Killed Doesn’t Show You Get What Happened, Folks – 18 December 2012

If you want to post a picture of the people killed in Newtown, Connecticut, or a list of their names, I can accept that as a genuine indication of your sorrow at their deaths…unless:

1. You are currently of the opinion that all of this would have been avoided if the _teachers_ had armed themselves.
2. You are opposed to the banning, or even the mere regulation, of fully automatic weapons.
3. You are opposed to mere regulation of semi-automatic weapons.
4. You are opposed to the legal stockpiling by an individual of massive amounts of ammunition.
5. You’re concerned to mention that the killer stole the guns he used to commit the murders, and to be seen arguing that gun ownership implies a great responsibility, but conveniently omit that the killer stole these guns from his own mother, whom he shot in her own home, using the knowledge about how to fire guns she had personally taught him, with these guns she purchased and which she apparently had either insufficient capacity to keep from her son or insufficient interest.

If you do any of these things, please take your remembrance messages down. You don’t really mean it.

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