US – And As Quick As The “Sensible” NRA Appears, It Disappears – 27 December 2012

Wait a minute – wasn’t the NRA proposal to have armed _security guards_ at schools? But now the NRA is throwing its weight behind training the _teachers_ to wield weapons? So the other more sensible suggestion was just a diversion, and we’re now training teachers to roleplay Wyatt Earp at the OK Corral?

How long do you suppose it will be before a kid finds the place that teacher is hiding a gun and someone gets his/her head blown off?

I guess even when the NRA makes sensible suggestions (like the one about security guards) you can expect the Bubba measures are not too far behind…and that those measures are the real reason for the apparent outburst of common sense – to mask the group’s real “guns-and-guts” nonsense agenda.

The NRA continue to offer unsafe, insensitive and unreal solutions. Hopefully, watching the oily machinations of the NRA spin machine in continuing damage control mode will convince more Americans of that.

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