US – Obama Inauguration – How Many Will It Be At The Next Inauguration, Five Bibles? – John Quincy Adams Had The Right Idea, The Bible Shouldn’t Even Be Present At The Inauguration – 12 January 2013,9171,1871905,00.html

“John Quincy Adams, to keep a barrier between church and state, was sworn in on a book of U.S. laws.”

Barack Obama will not maintain that barrier. Indeed, this article notes he will be sworn in on not one, but _two_ Bibles. I love Obama and all that, but friends, that is not progress.

I still haven’t heard whether Obama is also planning to permit yet another ridiculous homosexual-baiting theocrat to deliver a benediction for his inauguration ( please note this article: ), but the fact that he is again even thinking of having someone like that speak, in the name of all Americans, at the inauguration, all motives concerning reaching out to opponents notwithstanding, is not encouraging.

John Quincy Adams had the right idea. The founders meant for that wall between church and state to be a serious one. (Adams’ father _was_ one of the founders, in case you need to be reminded of the fact, by the way, so I’m guessing he knew what their motivations were when he did what he did.)

It’s time Americans remembered that and stopped pandering.

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