US – I Wonder How Much Southerners Really Appreciate Guns – 23 January 2013

The author of this indicates this may not be a complete and comprehensive list, but it documents 103 shootings that took place during the “Gun Appreciation Day” sponsored by anti-gun-control activists. I had a quick look at the data points provided, and there are some interesting geographic tidbits to point out.

34 of the 103 shootings are in the former Confederate states, nearly a third of the incidents (33.01%). These shootings involve more than a third of all the deaths reported here (15 of 39; 38.46%) and a third of the woundings (23 of 69; 33.33%). Of those states, Florida, Georgia and the two Carolinas _alone_ accounted for 19 of the 103 shootings (18.45%). Those shootings accounted for 12.82% of the deaths (5 of the 39) and 21.74% of the woundings (15 of the 69).

I wanted to crunch these numbers the minute I saw this article precisely because it was likely to illustrate further what people who know the numbers about guns and crime in the US already know, namely:

* The South has more crime.
* Southerners buy lots of guns.
* You can either say that shootings happen in the South because Southerners love their guns (that is, the criminals have them, so more crimes involving shooting happen), or you can say that, despite all the bravado about “good guys” with guns stopping crime, it’s clear that the states where people love their guns the most has the most shootings (rather than, say, disarmings of would-be shooters).

Either way, though, the upshot is this – the lack of gun control in the US may be considered a general problem, but really it’s a Southern problem more than anything else. You could say that Southern policies about guns, specifically, amount to an involuntary birth control for the Southern population.

I wish more Southerners would wake up and realise this – before they become the next victims.

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