US – Ted Nugent At The State Of The Union? Only Under Armed Guard, Folks… – 12 February 2013

Not that it will happen, of course, but assuming this crackpot Congressman is actually bringing the Noodge to the State of the Union address, after he has become famous for issuing vague threats against the life of America’s duly-elected president, what I would like to see is two Secret Service guards (or at least DC police) standing right next to Nugent at all times to ensure the president’s safety.

Yes, I know, I know…the whole point of the Congressman’s little publicity stunt is to prove that Nugent won’t do anything, and thus “law-abiding” citizens who shoot their mouths off about how they would like to shoot their guns off can be trusted and are not boogeymen. The thing is, at least some of those who shoot their mouths off about how they would use their guns also actually plan to use their guns in that way, and I’m guessing that, of those on the extreme Right who _would_ consider it, probably about 100% consider Nugent their hero.

I think it’s worth it to lose a little bit of face as right-wing shock jocks portray us all as hyper-partisan to send a message to would-be right-wing terrorists that if you publicly yack about shooting the President, the police are _going_ to take an interest in you, you “law-abiding” ass.

In a just country, this Congressman would go down in history with the bullies who beat the crap out of Charles Sumner on the floor of the Senate. Pretend this isn’t a threat to the life of a public official if you want. When these matters aren’t politicised, however, the Secret Service always treats people talking about presidential assassinations as a threat to be taken seriously. Nugent isn’t just a threat to the President’s life personally – he is a threat because his appearance at the State of the Union will embolden dozens of other first-person shooters out there.

The message should be sent, regardless of how it makes us lefties look – the life of a nation’s elected leader is not something to be played with.

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