Mental Health – Yes, Of Course, We Would Have Drugged Einstein – But Nothing Rebellious People Say Will Convince Anyone That This Is The Wrong Idea – Only A World Full Of Mitt Romneys Will – 24 February 2013

My first thought is “yes, all of this is certainly true, but that won’t stop them.”

It’s romantic to encourage rebels to rebel against a system that shoves them and their concerns into narrow constraints…but this is not something that can be ultimately be solved by those rebels continuing to rebel. The only way it can be solved is for those writing the prescriptions and telling others to conform to their expectations to be brought to see how they’re hurting _their own lives and their own societies_ by making such narrow demands on others.

The real argument against the abuse of psychiatry and psychology will not be any statement coming from rebellious individuals about how they are being treated, because those rebels are already demonised, and angry outbursts about their treatment are “just what you’d expect” from them anyway. The real argument against the abuse of psychiatry and psychology is the gray world created by listening to those who advocate it. No Albert Einsteins would not even be the half of it. Nothing but Mitt Romneys is more like it.

Getting mad about this only gives people the wrong target, and encourages them to further attempt a diagnosis and cure for the wrong disease.

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