US – 90% Isn’t Enough To Get Something Done – Obama Clearly Doesn’t Think So – In A Democracy, How Could It Be Otherwise, Though? – 17 April 2013

A quick observation, folks. If 90% of Americans support universal background checks on the purchasing of weapons, exactly how is any democratically-elected government going to deny that to the electorate? If the electorate really wants that – if it’s not just a lazy, ill-thought out response to a pollster’s question, but the clear and settled will of the vast majority of Americans – how can any democratically-elected government possibly stop them?

Anyway, President Obama is evidently betting the 90% figure is representative and that people are going to be mad at the Republicans for blocking this bill. (Politicians notice polling figures that high, so you can’t really be too surprised about that.)

It will be interesting to hear the President’s far-left detractors explain how the President’s combative, Senate-smacking speech today is “rolling over”, while, with _only_ 90% on their side for this issue, voters can’t do anything through the electoral process to effect change.

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